About Stuffyourrucksack.com

Stuffyourrucksack.com is an online community that helps responsible travellers make a practical difference to the lives of those in developing countries that have so little, and deserve so much more.

My Stuff Your Rucksack journey began in 1999 in a remote oasis village 200km north of Timbuktu. Having spent 35 days crossing the Sahara I visited a school, where the children wanted to know how long it would take for me to get home (in camel days). I drew lines in the sand, but when I discovered they had no concept of the sea, I realised we wouldn’t get far without a world map. I would have brought one with me, if I’d known it would’ve made all the difference.

Pack a bag, change a life

I am determined to go back to Mali to deliver that map. I am also determined that no traveller experiences the same frustration of arriving at a small, inspiring project to learn the items they need cost practically nothing, and are sat at home on the kitchen table.

Stuffyourrucksack.com is a small charity that’s light on its feet so it can deliver direct action. We’re not here to encourage begging; we’re here to show how a simple gesture can bring indescribable joy, and how by connecting with a community you’ll see the world at its most beautiful – and make 20 new friends along the way.

One day, I want people to say: ‘Have I got my visa? Have I got my passport? Have I checked the Stuff Your Rucksack site? You won’t find an unforgettable experience that money can’t buy in a guidebook. You’ll find it here on Stuffyourrucksack.com.

We need your eyes and your ears

With your help, we can make Stuffyourrucksack.com a one-stop shop for responsible travellers. If you know of an organisation that deserves support or have a great experience to share, then register today, and tell us all about it.